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We're lending 80 years of dairy farming experience to your cow comfort initiative. Our field-proven products can positively impact your bottom line by maximizing your efforts. Your herd will be resting in comfort which helps you rest easier.

The Ulti-MatTM is the Ultimate in cow comfort. Made from recycled tires the mattresses come with a Zartman Farms warranty and never lose their original comfort.

We are your East Coast PolyDome product supplier carrying the full PolyDome line... Calf Nurseries, Super Huts, Wheel Barrows, Silo Accessories...

Innovations for dairy farmers by I.H. Rissler and Zartman Farms. The Round Bale Feeder makes feeding round bales to your herd a much easier job.

Use the Reel Type Tumble Mixer to efficiently mix your feed materials and increase the health of your herd and profits!